The University of California Santa Barbara has in the past offered several courses on Sikh and Punjab Studies. Since 'Sikh',  'Punjab' and 'Punjabi' cultures are not homogenous or monolithic, the Center has engaged in various meanings, forms and sites of what can be collectively referred to as 'Sikh', 'Punjab' and 'Punjabiyat'.

The course titled 'Aspects of Histories of Punjab and the Sikhs' is offered every year in the Global Studies Department (GLOBAL 142). It will be offered next in Winter 2024. It explores the histories of Punjab and the Sikhs in South Asia and in the diaspora. 

Punjabi Language is taught online all across the UCs. Since the academic year 2020-21, an elementary course on Punjabi Language was resumed at UC Santa Barbara as a part of the ILTI Initiative, organized by the Davis, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara campuses. Under this programme, an online course on Punjabi language will be offered across UC campuses.

Previously courses were offered on components like Sikhism (the evolution of the Sikh tradition from its inception in the sixteenth century to the present times) and the History and Culture of the Punjab (the history and culture of the region of Punjab by situating the related developments within the larger context of the cultures of India, Central Asia, and the Middle East).