Punjabi Language

Teaching Punjabi will resume in Fall 2020.

Previous courses offered in this area include:

Elementary Punjabi (RS 90A, RS 90B, RS90C). These three quarter based courses (4 credits each) assume no prior knowledge of the language. These are intensive, beginner's courses in the speaking, reading, and writing of Punjabi. The first course (RS 90A) begins with learning Gurmukhi* script, and goes on to include lessons in phonology and grammar up to a basic conversational level.

Intermediate Punjabi (RS90D, RS 90E). These courses incorporate texts such as short stories, poetry, articles, and songs to refine the grammar and nuances of the language. Through these readings, the student's vocabulary grows, as does his or her proficiency in using the dictionary and deciphering difficult or idiomatic grammatical constructions.

Twentieth Century Literature (RS292) provides an overview of Punjabi literature in the light of the important historical and cultural event of the century. This course includes reading of the poems by Bhai Vir Singh, Dhani Ram Chatrik, Mohan Singh, Amrita Pritam, Ahmad Rahi, Munir Niazi, Najm Hussain Syed, Shiv Kumar, Ahmad Salim, Surjit Patar, and Amarjit Chandan. As the critical mass of students in advanced Punjabi grows, they will be offered choice of varied readings and authors.

*Gurmukhi serves as the primary script for learning Punjabi but effort is made to encourage those who like to learn it in the Indo-Persian script. The two-year sequence prepares students to begin working with Punjabi texts or to conduct Masters or doctoral fieldwork.